Aggressive driving is a hazard to all drivers on the highway.

Aggressive Drivers Hot Line

The Aggressive Drivers Hot Line is a phone number that concerned citizens may call if they witness an act of bad driving on the streets of Hamilton and wish to report the incident. As a second option, driving complaints may also be submitted by email. Both the telephone hotline and email address are operational 24hrs a day.

Aggressive Drivers Hotline: 905-546-1768

Aggressive Drivers Email:

When a call is received the caller has access to a voice mail system, at which time the caller is asked to supply the following information:

  • the date of the offence
  • time of the offence
  • location of the offence
  • the caller is asked to supply their name and telephone number

The following information is requested of the offending vehicle:

  • the licence plate number
  • description of the vehicle
  • description of the driver.

Once this information has been obtained the caller is asked to provide a brief summary of the events that have taken place.

Once the information has been obtained, (the hot line is checked by Hamilton Police Service volunteers frequently throughout the day), a check is done on the licence plate of the vehicle, if the description of the vehicle; supplied by the caller, matches the police check of the vehicle, the volunteer then goes on to read the summary of the complaint. If the information contained in the summary conforms to the definition of an HTA violation a letter is sent to the registered owner of the stated motor vehicle advising them of the incident in question. Please note that this letter is not a fine.

If something more substantial has taken place the officer looking after the Aggressive Drivers Hot Line will call back the reporter and advise the required course of action.


  • Driving is not a contest
  • It is not about winning
  • You can’t control the actions of other drivers around you
  • You can control the way you act towards them

How you can avoid putting yourself in harm’s way:

  • Don't follow too closely
  • Keep right except to pass
  • Don’t make any type of inappropriate gestures
  • Use your horn infrequently
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Give “Aggressive Drivers” plenty of room
  • Keep a safe distance from an “Aggressive Driver”
  • Plan your trip and allow for delays
  • Driving requires your undivided attention
  • Don’t take your frustration out on other Drivers

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