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Note:  These tips are meant to provide options for increasing the security of your property.  The Hamilton Police Service is not advocating any one specific product nor are these suggestions meant to be a foolproof guarantee for safety.  There are many products available today that can be found and compared by searching the internet or by visiting local merchants.  Be proactive, not reactive.

Look At Your Locks

RVs typically use a locking system that engage around the kingpin such as a cylinder lock – consider replacing the original factory lock with a stronger system.There are also keyless RV door locks that decrease the chance of the locking system being defeated.

Secure Your Windows

Use additional bars at the base of your windows or sliding door (if possible) – prevents the window/door from opening if the lock is defeated (eg. homemade wooden block, Cindoco Wooden Dowel, Lock-it Block-it Home Security Window Bar)
Security window film (eg. Product by ULINE Canada, ShatterGARD Glass Protection Film) – made of a transparent polyester material that strengthens your glass and holds shattered glass to prevent entry.

Address Sliding Glass Door Vulnerabilities

Most built-in sliding door locks are simple latches that are typically weak and can be easily bypassed by jiggling the door Consider adding an extra lock - eg. “Prime-Line Patio Door Lock” which is made of hardened steel and can be installed at the top/bottom of your door or a “Supply Guru Keyed Patio Door Lock” which bolts onto the glass door and the moveable pic locks into a base plate on the frame.  It also has key access which provides extra protection.

Keep Valuables Out of View

Prevent temptation by obscuring the view into your RV.
Cover your windows by using blinds/drapes/shades or privacy film.

Light it Up

Motion sensor lights – the lights are off until something comes into range that trigger the lights to come on (if this bothers your neighbours during regular open-season, consider using them during the off-season.  An area that is bright is less likely to be the focus of a crime – even in remote areas).If there is no power in your park during off-season, there are some solar-powered lights available (eg. Solarblaze).

Keep An Eye

Video camera surveillance (if wifi is available, some systems provide instant video to your Smartphone to alert you of “visitors”).  These systems are best used in concert with proper exterior lighting.Get to know your neighbours and create an “eyes-wide-open” community.During regular season, be a “Watch Dog” – report suspicious activity to your park.


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