Skateboarding is a popular sport for many Hamilton residents, particularly youth. The Hamilton Police Service wants to remind residents to ensure that they practice proper safety precautions to avoid accidents and injury.

Why is Safety Important?

It is easy to lose your balance on a skateboard, especially for beginners. Most injuries that occur happen to people under the age of 15, many of which are beginner skateboarders.

However, experienced skateboarders have accidents too. As the difficult of their tricks increase, so does their risk of falling and getting hurt.

Wearing Appropriate Gear

It is important that you wear the proper safety gear to avoid an injury.

Here are some of tips to get you started….

  • Skateboard – Ensure that your skateboard is in good working conditions. Check for cracks, damaged wheels and loose parts before you skate.
  • Helmet – A helmet is a MUST! Get a helmet that is specifically designed for skateboarding.
  • Shoes – Never wear sandals when you skateboard. Invest in a good pair of closed shoes with soles that have a good grip.
  • Knee & elbow Pads – Pads are recommended for beginner and experienced skateboarders. Ensure that your pads have a hard plastic shield on the outside with no cracks. The pads should fit snugly and still allow you to move freely.

Where to Ride

It is important to ride on surfaces that are smooth and free of rocks, sticks and other obstacles.

Skate parks are a great place to ride, however ensure that you obey all the rules governing the use of the park.  

Skate Parks in Hamilton

96 Mary Street (at Wilson Street), Hamilton.  Beasley Park is home to an outdoor concrete skateboard area featuring barrier curb, start ramp, half pipe and bowl.  The park is popular among skateboard enthusiasts.  There is no charge.

710 Mountain Brow Blvd., Hamilton.  Includes a half pipe ramp only, for more advanced users.

1770 Main Street E., Hamilton.  A Simple skate park with basic amenities.

344 Rymal Road East, Hamilton.  Many ramps and amenities to challenge both new and experienced skaters.

200 Hamilton Street, Waterdown.  A mid-sized skate park with many amenities.

The Hamilton Police Service wants to remind skateboarders of the threat of vehicles on the roadway.  While falls may hurt, they are rarely fatal.  However, collisions involving vehicles can be deadly. To prevent an incident like this occurring we ask you to refrain from riding on the street.

Skateboarding is great way to have fun and feel a sense of accomplishment. There's nothing like mastering a new trick to feel a surge of self-confidence and pride. Practice, practice, practice, and before long you'll be the one doing the kick-flips and spins and owning the skate park

Annual Fall Copshop Skate Jam

Every year, the Hamilton Police Service hosts their annual Copshop Skate Jam at Turner Skate Park next to the Mountain Police Station located at 400 Rymal Road East. This event has been running since 2009 and this year will be the 7th annual Copshop Skate Jam!

CopShop Skate Jam is a free and is open to children of all ages. Food and drinks are provided by the Hamilton Police Service.  This event features street style and pool competitions where skaters show off their skills and compete for prizes donated by various sponsors.

For more information on this event and upcoming dates, please check out our Copshop Skate Jame Facebook Page:


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