An All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is a popular utility and recreational vehicle.  However, it is important when using an ATV that you take appropriate safety precautions to avoid risks associated with this activity.

ATV Safety Tips

  • Always keep your feet firmly on the footrests of the ATV
  • Ease of the throttle when entering the corners
  • Shift your body weight into the turn
  • Move forward in the seat and keep steady speed when climbing hills
  • Never ride on paved roads – ATVs are deigned to be operated off-highway
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If you’re riding a single-rider ATV, do not allow a passenger to ride with you.
  • If you’re riding an ATV that allows a passenger, do not allow more than one passenger with you.


  • An appropriate helmet – by law, you must wear a helmet that meets the standard of the Highway Traffic Act while operating on premises other than property owned by the vehicle owner. Helmets certified by DOT, SNELL or other manufacturers that meet the standard)
  • Ride an ATV appropriate to your size/age.
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Long Sleeved shirts
  • Pants

For more information on ATV safety and legal requirements, please click on the websites below:


TC -ATV Safety Vehicle


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