The Hamilton Police established a Missing Persons Unit in 2011 and currently oversees over 1,700 cases each year.  Missing persons cases include:

• Runaway youths
• Voluntarily missing adults
• Children and adults living with autism, seniors affected by alzheimer’s / dementia, and others living with cognitive disorders Missing Persons
• Parental abductions where there is immediate danger to the child
• Non-family abductions
• Unknown circumstances
• Unusual/suspicious circumstances

The majority of missing persons are located within three days; most are located within 24 hours of being reported missing however some investigations can go on for months, even years. 
All reports of lost or missing persons shall be thoroughly investigated in accordance with the level of risk and documented on a Missing Person Report.  All reports of missing persons where one or more risk factors are present shall be dispatched for a mobile response, in accordance with the Priority Response System.  The safety and welfare of a missing person is always the most important consideration


Missing Persons

This new partnership provides Hamilton police officers with direct access to personal and caregiver information relating to some of Hamilton’s most vulnerable citizens through their MedicAlert ID bracelets. This will benefit citizens who are prone to wandering away from their environment regardless of age – children and adults living with autism, seniors affected by dementia, and others living with cognitive disorders.

In an emergency, this new service, called MedicAlert Connect Protect, gives police officers direct 24-hour access to a registered MedicAlert member’s photo, identity and medical information through their MedicAlert ID. Connect Protect helps officers with information to conduct their search more efficiently, ensuring those who have gone missing are reunited with their loved ones sooner.

For more information about this program and MedicAlert's partnership with the Hamilton Police Service please click on the links below:

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Hamilton Police recognize the need to investigate missing person’s reports in an efficient and effective manner.

Prior to reporting a missing person the following steps must be completed.
• check area hospitals
• check with friends, acquaintances and family members
• check with school and/or employer
• check places that the person frequents

The primary question when determining if a person is missing or not is: Is this out of character for this individual?  To ensure all cases are handled appropriately and ensure the continuity of the risk assessment, all missing persons must be reported to the police information line at  (905) 546-4925.

Victim Services Branch - (905)546-4904 (24/7)

Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton (905)529-7030

Autism Ontario (905)528-8476

Senior Support Officers (905)540-5351 (Division 10), (905)546-2945 (Division 20), (905)546-8917 (Division 30)


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