Break & Enter

Break and Enter is the offence committed when any person unlawfully enters any place with the intent of committing a criminal offence therein.

Most criminals who break into homes do not want to be seen and most often, break into homes that appear to be unoccupied. These culprits are often looking for a house that they can break into quickly and leave without being detected.

Once a burglar has selected a home, most will spend no more than a minute trying to
break in and less than five minutes inside. There is no fail-proof way to keep out a burglar, but every little bit of deterrence helps.


Target Hardening

'Target Hardening' is a crime prevention strategy derived from CPTED (pronounced SEP-TED) –Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.  This strategy involves incorporating security improvements to a residence or premises, which will reduce the likelihood of a criminal identifying that location as an easy target.

Home Security Audit Guide

The Provincial Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has developed a Home Security Audit Guide to provide general information on keeping one's home secure.  It is intended to provide guidance in taking precautions to reduce the risk of burglary and minimize the opportunity for crime around the home.

Please click here to download a copy: 

Reporting a Break & Enter

If you return home and discover that your house has been broken into, call the police
immediately. Do not touch anything or clean up until the Police have arrived as you may disturb
valuable evidence that could be used in identifying the culprit.

You can contact the Hamilton Police Service at (905)546-4925 to report the break & enter.

Free Security Audits

Hamilton Police Service Auxiliary Branch provides FREE Safeguard Audits.

For further information on this service please contact the Crime Prevention Office at

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