Counterfeiting in Canada includes the manufacturing of false bank notes, forged credit cards, traveller's cheques, passports, and various identity documents.

Please refer to the RCMP Currency Counterfeiting Statistics for more information.

New Polymer Notes

The Bank of Canada is transitioning Canadian paper currency to polymer bank notes.  This began in November 2011.  The new bank notes contain advanced security measures and will present significant challenges for counterfeiters.  The public should be aware that both polymer and paper notes will be in circulation together for several years.

Please refer to the Bank of Canada Website for further education and training materials at

Protect Yourself

The Hamilton Police Service is reminding the community and businesses receiving currency notes to check the serial numbers to ensure that each bill has a unique number. Further, check the following security features:

  • TOUCH the raised surfaces on your money
  • TILT your money and look for the changing colours and images
  • LOOK at and through your money for a watermark, a see through number (ie. 100) and a woven security thread