Door to Door Deceptions

There are two men at your door claiming to work for one of the public utility companies.  They may state that they are doing routine inspections and would like to see your meter, furnace or fuse box. While they are both inside your home, one will accompany you to the meter that is usually in the basement. The other man, when left alone, will search your house for valuables, medication or information about you. Remember, never leave anyone you don’t know, alone inside your home.

Another version,

Someone may attend your home asking for directions, a glass of water or change a $50.00 or $100.00 dollar bill into smaller cash denominations. Their goal is to enter your home, while you are distracted, to steal your purse, wallet or other valuables.

And another,

A person presents him / herself at your door and says that they are out looking to purchase “antiques or collectibles” for their business. They know that some seniors may be thinking about downsizing and may wish to part with a few items. Unfortunately, it seldom stops with a few items. Before you know it, they have gone throughout your home, selected items they know to be valuable and then offer you a lot of pressure and just a little money for your treasures. It isn’t until after they are gone that you realize that you didn’t really want to part with these things but “it all happened so fast”.

Don’t let strangers into your Home!


Grocery Store Distractions

Someone approaches you and asks you for help in either reading a label on a product or asks what ingredients you would recommend in a certain recipe. While conversing with this person, another individual takes your purse from your shopping buggy. Be extra cautious when approached by strangers.


Take extra Care …

  • Always keep all house or apartment doors locked, even when you are home.
  • If someone is at your door and is requesting access, as in a public utilities inspector, ask to see their credentials and then call the company to confirm their identity. Get the phone number from your directory.
  • Utility companies usually give you notice when an inspection is due.
  • Always be alert and cautious when dealing with strangers, either at home or in public.
  • If you ever have any concerns, call the police.