Mark Your Property

“Marked Property” is property that is readily identifiable because it displays unique markings such as a serial number, an engraved driver’s licence number, or other unique markings. The Hamilton Police Service strongly recommends that valuables be marked to discourage theft and simplify the recognition of stolen property. Thieves are discouraged because they know marked property will be more difficult to sell and easy for police to trace. In addition, when a suspect is stopped by the police, marked property provides corroborative evidence of their crime.

Record Your Property

Most importantly, property owners should maintain accurate records of their assets including, make, model, and serial numbers. It is beneficial to retain original sales receipts as proof of purchase and value and even photograph the property. Keep these records in a safe location so they may be retrieved when needed.

Several property marking methods are available:

Permanent Marking

Use an electric engraver to mark your driver’s licence number on items such as, T.V.s, radios, stereos, computers, cameras, etc.  Items that cannot be engraved such as china, paintings, etc. should be photographed. Use a marker to write, what you want to engrave, directly on the item. This serves as a template when you engrave; then, using a sharp-pointed tool or an electric engraver, follow the template and engrave the item.

Invisible Marking

An invisible property mark is best for objects that could lose value or become damaged if they were permanently marked, such as antiques. Using an ultra-violet pen, mark your property invisibly so no one can see the mark. Police can use ultra-violet lamps to make the ink appear. You can get a UV marker at some hardware or home improvement stores or through online retailers.

Forensic Marking

Forensic marking perhaps is the most effective because it involves the latest scientific techniques. Forensic marking systems use a colorless liquid that is simply dabbed onto possessions – everything from a widescreen TV to a wedding ring. It’s almost invisible to the naked eye and is virtually impossible to remove. The liquid glows under ultraviolet light though, making it easy for the police to detect. Each bottle contains a unique chemical code which is registered to you – conclusively proving ownership. This means anyone found in possession of stolen items that are marked with such solutions can be linked directly to a crime.