Having your car stolen isn’t just an inconvenience; it can be upsetting, time-consuming and expensive.

In Canada, the annual loss from vehicle theft is estimated at nearly one billion dollars.   Every vehicle owner in Canada helps to pay for the annual cost of vehicle theft through the payment of higher insurance premiums.

  • Transportation (commonly known as “joyriding”)
  • Criminal Profit – resold using false VIN numbers, stripped down for parts or shipped out of the country.
  • For use in further criminal activity such as robberies, home invasions
  • Vehicle Cloning (also known as “re-vinning”) – vehicles are usually stolen and given a new vin number that belongs to a vehicle that is a similar make and model. They are then sold to unsuspecting victims.
  • large, anonymous parking lots like those associated with shopping malls, movie theatres, airports, train or bus stations
  • automotive dealerships
  • residential driveways
  • unlocked garages

Preventing Auto Theft

A car thief can steal your car in less than 30 seconds – without a key! Although no set of security measures are 100% effective, they can help reduce the risk of vehicle theft.


  • Always lock your vehicle and close your windows.
  • Park in well-lit, well attended areas whenever possible.
  • Remove GPS, cell phone and other electronic accessories from view when leaving your vehicle.
  • Lock all valuables in your trunk, out of sight. If you can’t, take your valuables with you.
  • When parking, turn your wheels and set your parking brake to make towing your vehicle more difficult.
  • Permanently etch the Vehicle Identification Number onto the windows of your car.
  • Utilize an anti-theft device such as a steering wheel lock, a kill switch, an immobilizer, alarm and/or tracking system.
  • Use your garage for parking your vehicle.


  • Leave the original vehicle ownership, insurance or your driver’s licence in your vehicle.
  • Hide spare vehicle keys in the vehicle or on the vehicle’s exterior. Thieves know where to find them!
  • Leave your vehicle running.

Lock it or Lose it


Report it to the police immediately at (905)546-4925. Have the following vehicle information ready:

• Make
• Model
• Colour
• Year
• Plate number
• Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
• Insurance company & policy number
• Telephone
• List of stolen contents of the vehicle
• List of any identifying features, dents, scratches, etc.