The Hamilton Police Services Board is a seven member civilian board that oversees the Hamilton Police Service. As such, the Board must ensure the community is policed effectively and that any and all policing standards issued by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services are complied with. In essence, the Board is the trustee of the public interest regarding the provision of police services in the community.

The Police Services Act however restricts the Police Services Board from directing the Chief of Police with respect to specific operational decisions or with respect to the day-to-day operation of the Police Service.

The Police Services Act – Part V, Complaints and Disciplinary Proceedings, Public Complaints made to the Independent Police Review Director which outlines a process for the public to lodge a complaint related to the policies of or service provided by the Police Service, or about the conduct of a Police Officer. Therefore, the Police Services Board cannot receive a delegation if the subject matter relates to a complaint. Further information can be found at

Subject to the above, any member of the public may, either on his or her own behalf or as a representative of an organization or group, appear at any public meeting of the Board to make a deputation.

If you wish to make a deputation to the Police Services Board, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Provide written notice to the Administrator no later than seven (7) working days prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
  • This notice must contain all contact information and a summary including the objective(s) of the presentation. Please see the Deputation form
  • Delegation requests are listed on the next appropriate Board Agenda for consideration. It is not necessary for you to be present when your delegation request is being considered.
  • Following the Board meeting you will be contacted by the Administrator to advise if your request was approved or denied.
  • If your request is approved, you will be provided with possible dates to schedule your presentation.
  • Requests from members of the public who have previously addressed the Board on a topic shall not be approved unless they can prove that they have new information to present.
  • Presentations shall be limited to five (5) minutes. The Administrator shall time the delegation’s presentation.
  • The time involved in answering questions from Board Members shall not be included in the time limit for the presentation of submissions.
  • Members of the Board shall be limited to ten (10) minutes for questions. Any discourse between members and the delegation shall be limited to members asking questions for clarification and obtaining additional relevant information only.
  • Criteria for deputations to the Police Services Board:
  • Individual complaints are not considered at Board meetings as there is a legislated public complaints process to deal with such matters that must be followed, and the Board must not intervene in that process.
  • Individual vendors will not be permitted to present to the Board as there is a City of Hamilton Policy that deals with this matter.
  • Any other issue that falls within another Legislative Jurisdiction or policy shall not be permitted.