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The Hamilton Police Service’s Human Resource Department oversees Recruiting, Experiential Education, Career Development, Health & Safety, Labour Relations and Enterprise Resource Management.

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The Recruiting department is responsible for the recruitment of all sworn and civilian staff in accordance with the Hamilton Police Service’s present and anticipated future needs.

The Hamilton Police Service's Career Development Program is designed to assist sworn members to take ownership of their careers, to develop knowledge, skills and abilities, while having the opportunity to experience a variety of jobs during the span of those careers. The Program has four parts: A Selection Process for Sworn Positions, a Career Progression Model, a Position Directory by Division, and a Performance Appraisal and Development Plan. Together, these sections are intended to provide information, guidelines and a mechanism to facilitate individual career planning.

The Health & Safety department is responsible for the health and wellness of the members of the Hamilton Police Service in accordance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Police Act, Workplace Safety Insurance Act and the Human Rights Code.  This includes, but is not limited to, employee fitness, infectious disease, ergonomics, emergency scene assessment, respiratory protection, functional abilities WSIB and worker exposure incident WSIB.

The Labour Relations department is responsible for providing a full range of labour/staff relations expertise.  The Labour Relations Coordinator has multiple functions including, but not limited to, providing effective strategies, best practices and application of collective agreements/employment related statutes, developing and maintaining interest based grievance resolution procedures and processes, providing specialist advice and/or direction to human resources practitioners, managers, supervisors and employees on a wide variety of labour/staff relations matters such as suspensions, investigation and discipline, collective agreement administration, negotiations, application of HPS policies, grievance handling, case law application and union relations and ensuring the appropriate implementation of settlements/arbitration decisions.

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