Community Service Officers are responsibility for delivering school-based lesson plans for junior elementary schools as well as delivering youth safety and crime prevention education.

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Crime Prevention officers assist in the development of Crime Prevention Training Plans which are delivered at various levels with the Police Service.  The Crime Prevention officer provides security and CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) site audits for commercial and residential properties and provides public education on a variety of topics including personal safety, target hardening and robbery prevention.

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The Seniors Support Officer deals with issues, concerns and challenges that affect our seniors' community through education, investigation and co-operation. The Officer educates seniors groups on crime prevention and personal safety. Seminars include topics such as frauds, scams, power of attorney, identity theft, pedestrian safety and driving issues. Investigations are focused on issues of abuse and neglect of seniors. Co-operation through community partnerships include, Community Care Access Center, Catholic Family Services, the City of Hamilton and the Provincial Government.

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School Liaison Officers interact with teachers and students at each of the secondary schools within the city, which includes public, separate and private schools.  The Officers provide a proactive presence in schools.and assist in investigating incidents on or in relation to these schools. The school liaison officers also provide presentations on topics or issues that may put youth at risk including but not limited to bullying, drugs/substance abuse, internet safety and lockdown procedures.  The officers also attend law, career and civics classes to provide up to date information as well as to build relationships with the school community.

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Youth Officers are “at risk” and “high risk” youth intervention specialists.  These Officers have established networks and partnerships with varying youth serving agencies aimed at intervening and supporting “at risk” and “high risk” youth and their families.  Their responsibilities include children under the age of 18 years.


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